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Hello all you lovely folk who have taken the time to subscribe to my little newsletter. Every time I finish something, I'll drop you a note, not unlike this, and tell you about it. Sometimes, I'll get drunk and angry and may abuse this letter to vent my rancid spleen. Apologies in advance. As such, if you are a child and have signed up to this, you may read things inappropriate for your delicate little eyes. So fuck off.

Or don't. I don't spose I care.

So, this week, in anticipation of the new Lord of the Rings film, I finally got round to making a follow up to my last half-arsed homage: Lord of My Ring. Basically, it's just more homoerotic fun with Frodo and Sam (plus a bonus movie). Enjoy.

Also, a nice man named Alfie wrote to me recently and said he was making a site for people with palm pilots (those little handheld computer/organiser things). Apparently the fancy new ones can play movies and he's asked to feature a few of mine. So if you've got one of the little gadgets visit as there are loads of other movies there too.

That's it for now. Newsletter #001 complete. I'll try and find some porn or something soon to spice it up a bit in future. If you've got any mates who might like what I do, send 'em it. I hope one day to attain the rank of 'spam'.



Next Time: Whatever's chasing the Run Potato is getting closer. Find out soon…

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