Newsletter 007 - Back


several bits and pieces this time, including a new movie, a
competition and, finally, the t-shirts I’ve been promising for
last 6 months.

So first up, the Run Potato Run saga is drawing to its dramatic
conclusion. Click the link to watch part IV then, if you fancy,
enter the competition.

Basically, the competition is to design what you think is chasing
the little fella. There have been a number of guesses sent in as to
what people think it is. Now you have a chance to design your idea
and send it in. The best of the entries will be posted after the
competition is closed and the winner will get themselves a free Run
Potato t-shirt (or whichever t-shirt they’d like). For more
click this link:

And finally, for those who would like to get themselves a Mung
related t-shirt right away, they’re finally here. There’s
several to
choose from and I think they’re very fancy. Click the link to

Lots of love,


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