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Hullo Newsletter folk,

This week I'm going to recycle exactly what I wrote in home page
news column because I just can't face finding another way to say
the same thing. But just to make it more fun, I'll slip in a few
hidden venereal disease names, just for the newsletter version!

See if you can spot all 5!


"I've been a busy motherfucker lately. I keep wanting to spend all
my time making the fun crap for the site, but I keep having to do
work so I can get paid so I can spend all my money on collector's
plates from the back cover of Radio Times. It's a fucking addiction,
I tell you!


Anyway, this week: I've got a bit of the old paid work, a really
lame animated song, and something I dug out from the deep recesses
of my hard drive that I'd entirely forgotten existed. So let's start


About a year ago, the b3ta newsletter called for flash animators to
guest direct an episode of their popular Weebl & Bob cartoon. I
thought it sounded like fun and sent them my version. I must admit,
I wasn't hugely surprised when it was rejected as being a bit fucked.

So I put it down to half a day's fun and I filed it away under 'a
bit fucked'. Until today...

So click here for a bit of fancy pie:


Also, as promised, an annoying song. Click the link below:

The less said about that the better. I guess it was a kind of
hungover doodle when I should have been doing other work. Ho hum.


And finally, Lungfish came to me and asked me to get involved with a
piece of government work they'd picked up. I said OK, as I wanted to
buy some more plates.

It's quite a pretty little movie really, though not quite the kind
of stuff I'd usually make myself. I did suggest a few jokes for the
script but the Foreign Office vetoed them immediately. What is it
with my goddamn critics! Grrrrr.

It's kind of a public safety film for people going abroad to watch
the football this summer. Click below to watch (but don't blame me
if there's no swearing or blood):

Back soon with more filth and sadness.



(did you spot them all?)


© copyright brian mung