Newsletter 012 - Back

Good morning,

The newsletter's a little late in arriving this week. I don't have
an excuse. I could make one up.

I woke up day after day with the same things happening to me. Same
songs on the radio, same people in the street, same food, same
pornography, and I realised that I must be trapped in some sort of
Groundhog Day, like in the movie of the same name.

So I went mad and burned down a school and shot some priests and
shaved my back and set fire to a sack of cats and rode naked through
Coventry on a pig and force fed a judge his own wife and learnt to
play the piano.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, it turned out that I wasn't
in a Groundhog Day type scenario; it was just an unfortunate
combination of coincidence and boredom.

I only really regret the sack of cats.

So there's a new game you can play. It was part of client piece I
made that had its end chopped off for being a little dodgy. So I
took up that end and nurtured it and stroked it and fed it Palma ham
and now it's a game all of its own.

So enjoy, The Jetpack Escaper Caper!



© copyright brian mung