Fancy Soup I
Fancy Soup II
Fancy Soup III
Fancy Soup IV
Fancy Soup V

Fancy Soup VI
Fancy Soup VII

Fancy Soup VIII
Fancy Soup IX

Fancy Soup X

(demo of the MTV versions)

Mung TV

Space Boy I
Spaceboy Episode II
Spaceboy Xmas

Evil Sheep
Myra Hindley In Space 

Banjo Man

Little Mew

Little Mew Xmas No.1

2 3 4 5
(produced for Nickelodeon)


Injections Are Fun!

Run Potato Run
Run Potato Run II
Run Potato Run III
Run Potato Run IV

The Lamentable
of Mother Egg


Spider Man

Lord of My Ring
Lord of My Ring II


A Day to Remember 

How Done They
Did That



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