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Newsletter 015


Sorry not to have written in ages. I got ill and had a heart
transplant and they gave me a dog's heart and it wasn't good enough
so they gave me another dogs heart to go with it, but that was too
good, so they took out one of the dog's hearts and they put in a
cat's heart, so I had a dog's heart and a cat's heart, and it was
just right.

Anyway, I'm better now and I'm on the run from the police. To find
out the exact details, take a look at the main page of the site.

Basically what it boils down to is that I may be away from the
computer for a bit, what with my new outlaw lifestyle. Though I will
be posting updates from my exciting trip around the UK's most
glamorous costal resorts, many of them deserted during the cold
winter months.

So until my next film, here's something special to keep you going:


It's kind of a pilot thing for a show I'd make if I had money and
power and a tv.

Hope you enjoy, and if you know anyone who makes telly, show them,
make them watch it all!

Word to all your mothers,


© copyright brian mung