For a long time now, the poor little Run Potato has been pursued by something terrible. But quite what it is, we just don't know!

Now you can enter the competition and submit your guess at what might be chasing the little guy. Is it a monster? Is it a racially ambiguous pop legend? Or is it just the US government in search of weapons of mash-destruction? (pun provided by Hugh Dennis & Steve Punt).

Watch the new episode in the series by clicking here, then submit your ideas in whatever visual format you see fit. They can be drawings, animations, photoshops, flash movies, or just some crap you've torn out of a magazine. Whatever takes your fancy.

I'll post the best ones up and pick a winner, who'll have themselves a free Run Potato Run t-shirt (or any they might like from the new selection I've made - click here to take a look).

Don't worry if you're no good at drawing, the crapper the better! Enjoy.

Send your entries to:

Competition closes 08/04/04

Little Tony Blair aged 50 & 3/4
© copyright brian mung