"Coompatishons?!? Coompatishons are fookin' shite, eh! Ah've ney fookin' time for coompatishons like. I'd sooner set fire to a sack of cats than do a fookin' coompatishon. Fookin' bullshit man! Purely shite."

Lunar Module Pilot, Col. Buzz Aldrin.
(extracted from his book "Coompatishons")

When Buzz Aldrin wrote these words, he was an angry, volatile man. Now, some three months on, Buzz has seen the value of competitions and has given up on a life of vice and debauchery to focus solely on his life long passion of entering competitions. Like many of you who entered the Run Potato Run Competition, Buzz jumped at the chance to guess what exactly was chasing the little guy. Sadly, Buzz's entry had to be removed for legal reasons and he is now under investigation by several government agencies who have seized his hard drive.

But as for the rest of you, thanks very much for all the entries. There's been some great stuff and some real shit. All of it much appreciated. There were several who thought they might win with just a witty text based entry. You were wrong! I printed them out and used them to pick up the discarded faeces of other people's dogs in the park. It was a drawing competition! You never stood a chance!

But for those who did make the effort of creating the vast array of massive bmp files I received, well done. So first up, here's what the runners up thought was chasing the Potato...

5 Runners UpEntrySubmited by
5Dan Freear
with duo - Beaver Harry & Rabbid the Potato Muncher
4Gareth Hughes
with - Mungster

Andrew Godwin
with - little Gary Lineker

2Tineke Flint
with - one of the Smash Robots

Colin Hoad
with - Nanny from Count Duckula
(you're right Colin, it
sounds a bit like her)

First to Enter (within about 5mins)Peter Stevenson
with - himself in clingfilm
Most Poorly Drawn

Gerrard McHugh
who writes:

"alright my little bodied peopled that live inside of me likethat old crappy channel four foraun cartoon on a saturdaty morning draw my pictures for you hope you like mungo"
I don't know what to make of it...

Just a potato with a cock

Tom Chambers
with - a potato with a cock

Also, there were a few animated entrees. Some didn't seem to have much to do with the competition, but here are a couple that did and deserve a mention: No.1 by Linsey Miller & No.2 by David Pirnie

And finally, the winner of the Run Potato Run Competition:

'Your Mum' By Neil Macleod

Neil writes "I think I know what's chasing the potato, it's a big ugly dead woman. Probably your mum."

Thanks Neil, that's just super. I liked the pic because it managed to be both pretty good and pretty crap at the same time. Like a Skoda.

So well done Neil, now just choose yourself a T-Shirt from one of the lovely selection on my T-Shirt page by clicking here. And remember to send my love to your big faced, one leg, no teeth, hair-lip, gypsy-porn-queen mum.

Thanks again to everyone who entered. Can't be long now before you get to find out what's actually in pursuit of the Potato...


© copyright brian mung