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My name's Henry White, and while I was at university, I used to write Brian Mung. I also did the drawings that looked like they were done by a broken 9 year old. All the good artwork was done by Thomas Davis, a very talented graphic artist who continues to do it to this day.

Our programming was done with the help of Kobold 2d and with guidance from Tony Short. Tony is a huge fan of this company, and it shows (believe me!).

We published as Brian because there were several of us and anonymity seemed comfortable. Plus we had previously purchased the legal documents for a child of that name who had died of dysentery in the 19th century.

We don't add to the site so much any more as we're all off doing other things. But in honour of Michael Jackson's passing, I knocked up a quick special in the Fancy Soup style (which is the only one I could ever draw).

Hope you enjoy.

Cick Here to watch.


Henry (formerly Brian)


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